Chronic Disease Management

Asthma Assessment & Action Plan

Take Control Of Your Asthma
The goal of asthma treatment is to control your asthma and improve your quality of life. As the nature of a person's asthma can change over time, the National Asthma Council recommends an annual review of your asthma, especially if you are on any preventer puffers. There is no ‘cure’ for asthma, but with the right treatment and the right advice, most people with asthma should be able to lead full and active lives.
This means reducing the episodes of:

  • Breathlessness when running up a flight of stairs
  • Waking at night coughing
  • Needing to use your reliever more than 3 times a week or needing to use a nebuliser
  • Having to take time off from work or school because of your asthma
  • Shortness of breath when gardening, shopping or playing sport
  • Needing to go to hospital

If you feel that because you have asthma, you are restricted from doing some of the things that you would otherwise like to do, it may mean that your asthma is not as well controlled as it could be.
Our surgery is interested in helping patients take control of their asthma. An "Asthma Review" will involve covering the following initially with our Nurse and completed by your Doctor:

  • Fully assessing how severe your asthma is
  • Lung function testing
  • Developing a written asthma action plan for you to follow
  • Provide you with information to manage your asthma better and recognising early symptoms
  • Reviewing how well your medicines are working

To make an appointment, please call us and request an "Asthma Review". You will need to bring the puffers and spacers that you have with you. If you need a written asthma action plan for school/ childcare/ sporting team/ camp, please bring the relevant forms with you.