Children's Health Checks

We all want the very best health care for our children, which is why it is important they have a family doctor who they know and trust.

Should your child need to see a paediatrician, your GP will provide you with a referral.

If your child's condition is not critical, but you are concerned and want to speak to a health professional, you can always call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84).

Healthy Kids Check
If your child has had their third birthday and has not yet turned five you may wish to arrange for them to have a Healthy Kids Check provided by your local GP or practice nurse. A Healthy Kids Check is available to all children at or around the time of their 4 year old immunization and helps ensure that children are healthy, fit and ready to learn when they start school.
What is the aim of a Healthy Kids Check and what does it include
How do I arrange a Healthy Kids Check
Would I be eligible to receive a Medicare Rebate for a Healthy Kids Check
It should be done before or at the same time as the four year old immunization. Background The Healthy Kids Check aims to gather health information, identify health problems and promote healthy lifestyles around the time of the 4 years of age vaccinations. It consists of a checklist of examinations and assessments, six of which are mandatory. Objective/s A series of evidence based examinations that fulfil the mandatory requirements for a Healthy Kids Check and which can be applied in general practice are proposed. Consideration is also given to nonmandatory examinations and additional assessments which have some evidence for their application. Discussion The proposed examination enables general practitioners to remain positively engaged with families and contribute toward the health surveillance of preschool children. Changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule, which support time based reimbursement for preventive healthcare may encourage greater uptake of the Healthy Kids Check.