Skin Checks & Mole Excisions

Skin checks are recommended periodically, especially if you have a high risk skin type, after age 40 and if you have previously been diagnosed with a skin cancer. It takes some time to complete these checks as well as biopsy or treat any lesion of concern; as such it would be best to make a dedicated appointment for this. If a mole or lesion needs to be excised, this is planned for a subsequent day by negotiation with your Doctor. Dr Alexander performs skin checks & and excisions. ElectroTherapy, if appropriate for condition, is available for use in patients.

It helps to dress appropriately for your skin check- easily adjustable clothing such as shorts & singlet are ideal, you may wish to wear these under your regular clothes when attending for a skin check. Please avoid wearing makeup to your appointment and a full skin check includes checking your feet as well, so you will need to remove shoes & socks.

As these procedures take time & involve setting up, it would be helpful to let the receptionist know at time of booking that your appointment is for a “skin check”